Wetterling Gallery

A leading Scandinavian gallery since 1978

Wetterling Gallery is one of Scandinavia's leading contemporary art galleries, with a dynamic program featuring both highly acclaimed, internationally artists, and emerging or mid-career Swedish names. By providing a unique and playful entrance to the art world, Wetterling Gallery stands for quality and relevance. Our goal is to make art available for a curious audience.


Founded in 1978 by Björn Wetterling, the gallery aims to function as a long-term partner for artists, collectors, institutions, and visitors. Following a history of bringing historically important artists - such as Robert Rauschenberg, James Rosenquist or Frank Stella, amongst others, to Sweden - we are looking to do the reverse at present– offering visibility to Swedish artists on the international art scene. The gallery provides a platform for dialogue and meetings between different forms of artistic expression and people.


Wetterling Gallery’s main exhibition space is located in Stockholm (Kungsträdgården 3), where six exhibitions are featured annually. In 2015, a project space was inaugurated, adjacent to the main space, allowing further dynamism to the programme.

Our second gallery space opened in Gothenburg in 2022, linking back to our founder’s roots and acknowledging the effervescence of this city’s scene.

Aiming to respect our motto as “a gallery for a curious audience”, our online shop displays a carefully curated selection of editioned artworks, in close collaboration with our artists.